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Research Report: Data digest
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Referral destination: Overview

Data on referral destination were available for the Legal Aid NSW Information Service, LawAccess NSW and NSW Community Legal Centres.

Referral destination
  • A high proportion of inquiries was not referred in all three services—70% for the Legal Aid NSW Information Service; 40% for LawAccess NSW and 65% for NSW Community Legal Centres. These percentages include referrals to other sections of the same agency, for example to other sections of Legal Aid.
  • Of those inquiries that were referred, there was a high proportion of referrals to legal organisations (community legal centres, courts, Legal Aid NSW and private solicitors) across the three services, although the comparative ranking varied, as demonstrated by Table 66.

Table 66:  Top four referral destinations by service
Legal Aid NSW Information
LawAccess NSW
NSW Community Legal Centres
Community legal centre
Legal Aid NSW
Private solicitor
Private solicitor
Private solicitor
Community organisation
Dispute resolution
Community legal centre

Legal matter
  • Referral destination varied according to the type of legal matter, with some patterns emerging across services. Family Law inquiries were least likely to be referred for all three services. Based on the chi-square examining broad area of law by referral destination, Table 67 shows the referral destinations that were more likely for each broad area of law. Although there were differences between services, the following patterns did emerge—Family Law inquiries were more likely to be referred to private solicitors; Criminal Law inquiries were more likely to be referred to courts, and Civil Law inquiries were more likely to be referred to government and dispute resolution services.

Table 67:  Referral destination to which service users were more likely to be referred, by broad area of law and service
Legal Aid NSW Information Private solicitorsCourts, PoliceGovernment, Community legal centres, Dispute resolution
LawAccess NSWLegal Aid NSW, Private solicitors, Courts, GovernmentCourts, Police, Legal Aid NSW, Private solicitorsPrivate solicitors, Dispute resolution, Government, Legal Aid NSW, Courts
NSW Community Legal CentresLegal Aid NSW, Private solicitors, Courts, Dispute resolutionCourts, Legal Aid NSW, Private solicitors, Community Legal CentresCommunity legal centres, Government, Dispute resolution, Community organisations
Note:  Referral destinations in common for all three services are shaded.


Scott, S, Eyland, A , Gray, A, Zhou, A & Coumarelos, C 2004, Data digest, a compendium of services usage data from NSW legal assistance and dispute resolution services 1999-2002, Law and Justice Foundation of NSW, Sydney, 2004