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About the Collaborative Planning Resource

The Foundation developed the Collaborative Planning Resource (CPR) in support of the 2015 National Partnership Agreement on Legal Assistance Services (NPA) between the Commonwealth of Australia and the states/territories. It brings together information on service design and data to support planning and monitoring of legal assistance services.

The 2015 CPR was launched in November 2015 and uses ABS 2011 Census data.

The 2018 CPR uses ABS 2016 Census data which provides counts of the distribution of potential need for not-for-profit legal assistance services through the:
The Collaborative Planning Resource – Service Planning (CPR-SP) summarises the research evidence on legal need and access to justice and the implications for planning legal service delivery. The CPR-SP also provides useful information for designing appropriate legal services for specific priority demographic groups: ‘who’ priority clients are, ‘what’ types of services are appropriate to their legal needs and capabilities, and ‘how’ these services might be delivered.

The 2018 Collaborative Planning Resource – LAW Survey Prevalence data report shows the average percentage of each priority group that experienced at least one legal problem in a year.

Where can I see the data?
Visit Law and Justice Foundation of NSW Tableau Public page

Definitions for CPR NLAS indicators and priority groups
See our Explanatory Notes and Definitions Table

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