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Research: contemporary evidence and information

The Foundation’s research strategy was developed through extensive consultation and engagement to best meet the intent of government as outlined in statute.

Our key research strategies

Identifying the legal needs of the community
Research in Australia, and around the world, consistently finds that the majority of legal need in the community does not reach the formal justice system (courts, tribunals etc) nor legal assistance services. Therefore, the knowledge of service users and service delivery data gives only a narrow and unrepresentative picture of the legal needs of the community. This research strategy aims to apply the best available methodology to provide and maintain a sound picture of the legal needs of the entire community.

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Identifying what strategies works to address that need
Globally, there is insufficient reliable evidence in relation to what strategies and initiatives most effectively and cost effectively address legal needs. This strategy aims, through evidence-based methodologies, to improve the justice sector’s knowledge of what strategies work most effectively and efficiently in order to address the legal needs of the community as cost effectively as possible.

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Supporting policy development and planning service delivery
In order to be most effective, the justice sector needs a range of information and data to assist in the efficient planning and delivery of legal services. In this strategy, the Foundation leverages its pioneering legal sector data work and its trusted position in the sector to provide tools, data, information and planning guidance to assist in the optimum planning and delivery of legal services.


For enquiries about research, please email our research team.