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People with disabilities

Identifying needs and pathways
Key Organisations

Legal services
Australian Centre for Disability Law

Intellectual Disability Rights Service

Diversity Services, Department of Attorney General and Justice NSW

Disability service providers
Deaf Society of NSW

Vision Australia

Media Access Australia is a not for profit organisation that is devoted to increasing access to media for people with disabilities.

Media Access Australia has produced SociABILITY: Social media for people with disability,a report and practical tip sheets that are designed to help people with disabilities gain easy access to social media. The report draws on the knowledge of social media users with disabilities to overcome the difficulties found on Facebook, Twitter, Skype, Youtube, LinkedIn and blogging tools, and is funded by the Australian Communications Consumer Action Network (ACCAN).

Web Accessibility http://www.visionaustralia.org/business-and-professionals/digital-access/workshops