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General enquiriesStreet Address:
Level 13, 222 Pitt Street, Sydney NSW 2000

Mailing Address:
PO Box A109, Sydney South NSW 1235
TEL: (02) 8227 3200
DirectorGeoff Mulherin CSC
TEL: (02) 8227 3200
EMAIL: c/- ea@lawfoundation.net.au
Executive OfficerKimberly Jane
TEL: (02) 8227 3202
EMAIL: ea@lawfoundation.net.au
CommunicationsDarren Smith
Communications & Publications Manager
TEL: (02) 8227 3203
EMAIL: publications@lawfoundation.net.au
ResearchCatriona Mirrlees-Black
Senior Principal Researcher
EMAIL: principalresearchers@lawfoundation.net.au
Grants Program
Richard Wood
EMAIL: grants@lawfoundation.net.au
Finance and AdministrationEMAIL: finance@lawfoundation.net.au

The Law and Justice Foundation of New South Wales does not provide legal advice or referrals.
If you need legal information, advice or assistance, please contact LawAccess on 1300 888 529,
or visit www.lawaccess.nsw.gov.au