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Note: the original hard copy of this report is 20 pages .

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The outcomes of community legal education: a systematic review, Justice issues paper 18   

, 2014 Community legal education (CLE) has been conducted in NSW for the last 30 years. It aims to raise awareness among community members about the law and legal processes, and improve their ability to deal with the legal system. But CLE programs and strategies vary widely. So what do we know about the effectiveness of CLE? Researchers Ania Wilczynski, Maria Karras and Suzie Forell from the Law and Justice Foundation of New South Wales report on a systematic review in this new paper.

Appendix 2: Reports appraised and excluded from the systematic review

Studies assessed and excluded on the study inclusion criteria (see Methodology)

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Reports excluded from the review on appropriateness of the methodology for assessing ‘effectiveness’

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