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Data Digest LawAccess 2002-2004 Report   

, 2007 Analyses of data collected by Law Access on the nature of inquiries received, the demographic characteristics of inquirers and the pathways they took to resolve their issues.


The Law and Justice Foundation’s Legal Assistance Services Data Digest holds data from three of the NSW not-for profit legal assistance services providing services for disadvantaged residents. The three services are Legal Aid NSW, Community Legal Centres in NSW and Law Access NSW. Findings were first published in 2004 and are available here: Data digest - a compendium of service usage data from legal assistance and dispute resolution services, 1999-2002.

This report covers Law Access data only for the period 2002-2004. It includes:

Legal assistance is only sought for a small proportion of the legal problems that people experience, as has been shown in surveys of legal need (see LAW Survey). A full list of Foundation reports on access to justice and legal need can be found on our research publications page.