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Data Digest LawAccess 2002-2004 Report   

, 2007 Analyses of data collected by Law Access on the nature of inquiries received, the demographic characteristics of inquirers and the pathways they took to resolve their issues.

LawAccess NSW 2002-2004


The goal of the Law and Justice Foundation's Access to Justice and Legal Needs Research Program is to identify the particular legal and access to justice needs of economically and socially disadvantaged people in New South Wales.

The Data Digest series of reports contributes to this research program by providing detailed information on the nature of legal inquiries made to the major public legal assistance services in this state. Such inquiries may be viewed as providing a picture of expressed legal in NSW.

This particular report examines legal inquiries made to LawAccess NSW between 2002 and 2004. LawAccess NSW is a free government telephone service providing information, advice and referrals for people with a legal problem. LawAccess NSW was established in September 2001 to assist people who experience difficulty in accessing other public legal services. The Advice services of LawAccess NSW are targeted to disadvantaged groups, such as persons living in rural and remote areas, Aboriginal people, people with a disability and people from non-English speaking backgrounds.

The types of legal inquiries made to LawAccess NSW, the demographic characteristics of persons seeking legal assistance, and the pathways taken by these persons to resolve their legal problems are detailed in this report.

Type of legal matter

Demographics of service users


Region of residence

Source of inquiry

Referral destination