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Justice made to measure: NSW legal needs survey in disadvantaged areas   

, 2006 Six disadvantaged areas were surveyed by telephone interviews: three suburban areas within Sydney (Campbelltown, Fairfield, South Sydney), one major provincial centre (Newcastle) and two rural/remote areas (Nambucca and Walgett)...

Ch 9. Discussion

The present chapter highlights the major findings presented in Chapters 3 to 8 and discusses their implications in terms of the nature of legal need and access to justice.1 The final chapter, Chapter 10, argues that the findings suggest the merit of a multidimensional approach to legal service provision, which includes several concurrent strategies and allows for the tailoring of legal services to the varying needs of different individuals.

 Given the low response rate to the survey, the conclusions presented should be considered suggestive rather than definitive. See the Method section in Chapter 2 for details of the response rate and its limitations on the generalisability of the results.