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Data digest: a compendium of service usage data from NSW legal assistance and dispute resolution services, 1999-2002   

, 2004 Analyses data collected by the main publicly funded NSW legal service providers on the nature of inquiries received, the demographic characteristics of inquirers and the pathways they took to resolve their issues.

Ch 3. Pathways of service users

This section includes analyses of the source of inquiry and referral destination.

Services with relevant data are the Legal Aid NSW Information/Advice Service, Law Access NSW and NSW Community Legal Centres.

For both source of inquiry and referral destination, service categories were mapped to Law and Justice Foundation categories, as described in Table 65.

Table 65:  Law and Justice Foundation categories for source of inquiry and referral destination
Level 1Level 2
Self helpAlready knew about Friend/Family
Telephone book
GovernmentMP/Local counsellor
Other non-legalHealth professional
Community organisation
Union / Association
Private organisation
Complaint handling/Law enforcementDispute resolution service
Complaint handling body
Legal LawAccess NSW
Legal Aid NSW Helpline
Community Legal Centre
Legal Aid NSW
OtherNot referred

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