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Justice made to measure: NSW legal needs survey in disadvantaged areas   

, 2006 Six disadvantaged areas were surveyed by telephone interviews: three suburban areas within Sydney (Campbelltown, Fairfield, South Sydney), one major provincial centre (Newcastle) and two rural/remote areas (Nambucca and Walgett)...

Ch 6. Satisfaction with the assistance received for legal events

Chapter 5 focused on the 1496 events where participants sought help, describing the advisers approached for assistance, the type of assistance received and the barriers to accessing assistance.

The present chapter also focuses on those events where participants sought help, but focuses on the level of satisfaction with the assistance received and the factors related to satisfaction with this assistance. Where participants had approached more than one adviser for help in relation to a given legal event, they were asked about their satisfaction with the assistance they received from the adviser they judged to be the ‘most useful’. Although participants used only one adviser in relation to the majority of legal events where they sought help, more than one adviser was used in response to 21.6 per cent of these events (see Chapter 5).

Valid information on satisfaction with assistance from the sole or most useful adviser was obtained for 1307 of the 1496 events where help was sought. The present chapter is based on these 1307 events.