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Justice made to measure: NSW legal needs survey in disadvantaged areas   

, 2006 Six disadvantaged areas were surveyed by telephone interviews: three suburban areas within Sydney (Campbelltown, Fairfield, South Sydney), one major provincial centre (Newcastle) and two rural/remote areas (Nambucca and Walgett)...

Ch 7. The outcome of legal events

This chapter deals with the outcome of legal events, including whether or not they were resolved, how they were resolved and the factors associated with resolution. Information about resolution was sought in relation to the three most recent legal events reported—a total of 3024 events.1 Participants provided information on the resolution status of 2873 of these 3024 events. The present chapter is based on these 2873 events.

 The 2431 participants reported experiencing a total of 5776 events in the 12 months prior to the survey. Of these 5776 events, 3024 constituted participants three most recent events.