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Justice made to measure: NSW legal needs survey in disadvantaged areas   

, 2006 Six disadvantaged areas were surveyed by telephone interviews: three suburban areas within Sydney (Campbelltown, Fairfield, South Sydney), one major provincial centre (Newcastle) and two rural/remote areas (Nambucca and Walgett)...

Shortened forms

Proper names

ABAAmerican Bar Association
ABA SCDLSAmerican Bar Association Standing Committee on the Delivery of Legal Services
ABSAustralian Bureau of Statistics
AIHWAustralian Institute of Health and Welfare
CATIComputer Assisted Telephone Interviewing
CLCCommunity legal centre
LGALocal government area
LJFLaw and Justice Foundation of NSW
LSRCLegal Services Research Centre
NCCNational Consumer Council
NSWNew South Wales
RushRush Social Research Agency (and Rush Social Research and John Walker Consulting Services)
SASStatistical Analysis System
SDStatistical division
SPSSStatistical Package for the Social Sciences
Task ForceTask Force on Civil Equal Justice Funding

Statistical and technical terms

AHCAAgglomerative hierarchical cluster analysis
BBeta coefficient
CIConfidence interval
dfDegrees of freedom
INumber of completed interviews
NTotal number
NCNumber of non-contacted but eligible units
NENumber of non-eligible units
NINumber of other non-interviewed units
pProbability value
RNumber of refused eligible units
RCResponse category
SEStandard error
ZZ statistic
Chi-square statistic