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Access to justice and legal needs. Stage 1: public consultations   

, 2003 Summarises the responses received as a result of submissions and consultations on legal needs and barriers to access to justice.

Appendix 3


ACOSS: Australian Council of Social Services
ADB: Anti-Discrimination Board
ADR: Alternative Dispute Resolution
ALRC: Australian Law Reform Commission
APLA: Australian Plaintiff Lawyers Association
ATSIVA: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Veterans Advocacy Service
ATSIFAM: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Family Mediation
AVO: Apprehended Violence Orders
BMCLC: Blue Mountains Community Legal Centre
CALD: Culturally and/or linguistically diverse
CCYP: Commission for Children and Young People
CJC: Community Justice Centre
CLC: Community legal centre
COALS: Coalition of Aboriginal Legal Services
CRC: Community Relations Commission
DOCS: Department of Community Services
DSP: Disability Strategic Plan
DVAS: Domestic Violence Advocacy Service
EWON: Energy and Water Ombudsman of NSW
FLPAG: Family Law Pathways Advisory Group
HREOC: Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission
IARC: Immigration Advice and Rights Centre
LAC: Legal Aid Commission
LCRC: Legal Counselling and Referral Centre
LIAC: Legal Information Access Centre
LRO: Legal Representatives Office
MERIT: Magistrates Early Referral Into Treatment
MHAS: Mental Health Advocacy Service
NADRAC: National Alternative Dispute Resolution Advisory Council
N&NWCLS: North and North West Community Legal Service
NCOSS:New South Wales Council of Social Services
NCYLC: National Children’s and Youth Law Centre
NWJC: National Women’s Justice Coalition
NSWLRC: New South Wales Law Reform Commission
PCYC: Police and Community Youth Club
PIAC: Public Interest Advocacy Centre
PWD: People with Disabilities
RACS: Refugee Advice and Casework Service
SNYPIC: State Network for Young People in Care
TAS: Tenancy Advice Service
TIO: Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman
TIS: Telephone Interpreter Service
TTY: Teletypewriter
TOR: Terms of Reference
UCAP: Utility Consumers Advocacy Program
VAS: Veteran’s Advocacy Service
VAWSU: Violence Against Women Specialist Unit
WLRC: Women’s Legal Resource Centre
WOW: Women on Wheels
YAPA: Youth Action and Policy Association
YJC: Youth Justice Coalition