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About the Law and Justice Foundation

The Law and Justice Foundation of NSW is a leader in applied empirical research aimed at improving the fairness, equity and accessibility of the justice system in NSW and beyond.

The Foundation is one of the only two justice organisations in Australia that employ rigorous, evidence-based research methodologies to identify the legal needs of the community from a people-centered perspective, identify what strategies and initiatives work effectively to address these needs, and to support policy development and planning service delivery.

The Foundation was established in 1967 and is an independent body governed by the Law and Justice Foundation Act 2000 (NSW). The Foundation's staff and Board bring a range of skills and experience to ensure the most appropriate multi-disciplinary methodologies can be applied to the Foundation’s work.

What is the purpose of the Law and Justice Foundation?

The Foundation is an independent statutory body established to:
  • contribute to the development of a fair and equitable justice system
  • that addresses the legal needs of the community
  • and improves access to justice by the community, particularly for socially and economically disadvantaged people.

What is the Foundation's Strategic Intent?

The Foundation aims to be an independent, knowledge-based leader in the field of access to justice, especially for disadvantaged people. To be this, the Foundation must know, on the most reliable information, what the legal and access to justice needs are and what programs are effective to address these needs and must encourage and facilitate innovative solutions through specific programs.

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